Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we do, contact us thru email to arrange so we can get you the cheapest price.

Q: How will I know if an item will fit me?

A: Contact us thru email or Instagram message and we can provide you with exact measurements and detailed info about the piece.

Q: Are all these items authentic?

A: Yes, absolutely. We take authenticity very seriously here and have gone the extra mile to throughly check each piece for authenticity as well as only going thru our trusted suppliers and industry professionals. Shop with ease.

Q: Do you accept any other payments other than PayPal?

A: Currently we accept Cash, PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp - we also accept Bitcoin and Ethereum upon request but do not support those options as checkout solutions currently.

Q: How do I pay with Bitcoin?

A: Contact us thru email or Instagram message to arrange a transfer.

Q: Do you do meetups?

A: Yes, if you are local to the Portland, OR area or any of the surrounding areas we can arrange a local meetup at a public place for ease of transaction.

Q: Can you find me an item or size that is currently not on your site?

A: Yes, we also offer a personal shopping service thru our Bape, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton suppliers

Q: What is the personal shopping service?

A: We work closely with several people that are employed with Bape, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton and can help you source pieces below retail value for any budget.

Q: Do you buy or accept consignment?

A: Yes, please contact us thru email or Instagram message to discuss.

Q: How many sodas and snacks come in the mystery boxes?

A: Tier 1 contains 5-8 products , Tier 2 contains 15-20 products , Tier 3 contains 30-40 items - all the contents in the mystery box will out value the original cost. (Mystery Boxes are currently unavailable starting 05/08/21) please reach out for bulk orders only.

Q: I am not satisfied with my item what next?

A: Visit our Refund Policy section

Q: Do you accept offers on your clothing, accessories, and luggage?

A: Yes, however we do not accept lowballs - if you feel your offer is fair please contact us thru email or Instagram message and we can discuss.

Q: I want to support you how do I do that?

A: Follow our TikTok @illegitimatemillionaire | Follow our Instagram @illegitimatemillionaire | Follow our FaceBook @illegitimatemillionaire |

email your name and address to illegitimatemillionaire@gmail.com for a free sticker pack.

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing for sodas and snacks?

A: Yes, bulk orders will receive wholesale pricing (40% off) so please contact us to place an order and get the cheapest cost possible.

Q: How do you rate the condition of your clothes?

A: We use a rigorous process of going thru each piece to determine the quality and condition of the piece before assigning it a numerical value. These values are solely based upon our standards and may differ from what you would consider. As well, we will never sell pieces we deem to be too old, dirty, or otherwise not wearable by our standards. With that said pieces that are rated from 8-10 or in like new or basically new condition, has no noticeable marks/stains/scrapes/scratches and is near mint or in mint condition. Anything rated from 6-7 would be consider in used condition and may contain small mark/stains/scrapes/scratches or otherwise issues that do not qualify it to be in new condition category. We will never post anything rated below 6. Furthermore, you can find details of any imperfections in the description section of each piece or may contact us for further pictures. 

Q: Does the clothing/accessories/luggage come with original packaging and receipt?

A: Everything that is included with each piece is listed in the description section.

Q: Do you associate with any of the designer brands you sell online or in person?

A: No. Although we work with private collectors and industry professionals to help curate our catalog we do not work/partner/associate with any of the major designers that we offer for sale. We operate as a boutique reseller only.